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#Freedom: Tens of thousands of Indians back call to ‘Save the Internet’


Tens of thousands of Indians have joined a public campaign to ensure equal access to the Internet as an impassioned debate engulfs the country on what is called "net neutrality." 

The controversy heated up after one of the country's main telecom providers launched a new marketing platform, Airtel Zero, where Internet businesses could pay to have users browse their sites for free.

This triggered a nationwide backlash from those who fear that this could deny equal access to the Internet.  They are demanding that the Internet remain a level playing field with all data getting equal treatment - whether it is a student's blog or an online company with deep pockets.

Celebrities, professionals, entrepreneurs and students, are among the tens of thousands who have signed up for an online campaign "savetheinternet."

Most notably the comedy group All India Bakchod (AIB) threw its support behind the initiative.

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