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#Treasure: Frogs, Yogis and Ballistic Missiles: Digging into the Associated Press archive.

We live in the information age.  Better than that, we live in the age of FREE information.

The world – specifically the digital world – is awash with free information, meant to evoke, inspire, educate, inform, enlighten and entertain.  It really is a fine time to be a human being, especially if you are on an eternal quest to learn.

As an MA student in Multi-Media Journalism in London - and an Indian - I was particularly thrilled when the Associated Press, the 169-year-old American news agency decided to make hundreds of archival news videos from across the world available for people to view on YouTube.

The word “treasure” gets bandied about quite a lot these days, but this truly is a treasure trove: from momentous historical events to human interest stories, the AP video archive is a fascinating collection.

Here are some of my personal favourites from the archive.

1. Baby Tossing

The video shows the horrific spectacle of infants being thrown from a 15-meter window onto a flimsy bed sheet below.  The ritual is performed at Baba Umer Durga, a Muslim shrine in rural Maharashtra in the belief that the fall will ensure “good health” and “prosperity”.

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