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Tat Tvam Asi – Mythological Indian art celebrating Self Realization in London..


The works of three Indian artists renowned for their renderings of philosophical thought is arriving in London as part of a major exhibition celebrating an ancient concept that has been woven into Indian cultural thought since time immemorial.

The exhibition is called ‘Tat Tvam Asi’ (“That Art Thou”), a Sanksrit phrase which is considered one of the main pronouncements in the Vendantic Dharmas that form the basis of Hinduism and which posits that the “self” is the origin of all worldly phenomena.

The artists – Sarla Chandra, Bharti Singh and Seema Kohli – are famous for basing their works on the philosophy and ethos of Indian mythology.

Science graduate Chandra has been painting for the best part of four decades, combining her knowledge of science with her studies of Indian philosophy, mythology and scripture.  Above all, her paintings are a personal expression of her love for Indian culture and mythology – an art of hope, peace and self-realization.

Singh meanwhile is inspired by the human figure – a source of inspiration for Hindu mythology for centuries – as well as the natural environment.  Her work too is a combination of the things that Singh feels passionate about – for instance her personal affiliation for the Hindu God Krishna and her passion for conservation.

Kohli’s work reveals a reclaiming of feminine subjectivities, an altered concept of feminine sexuality.  Her works bring into focus a woman’s physical attributes, her intellect, thought, dreams and realities.  There is a celebration of beauty, sensuality and intimacy in her art.

The three artists work will be shown alongside ten especially chosen lithographs of arguably India’s greatest philosophical artist – MF Husain.

The four artists successfully tell a story that revolves around the theme of Tat Tvam Asi but in their own unique styles which they have developed over the years.

Curated by Raj Kumari Modi and supported by Axis Bank, ‘Tat Tvam Asi’ is at the Bhavan Centre in London 28 May to 4 June.



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