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#TerrorExport: ISI investigating involvement of British Pakistani surgeon in Peshawar attack

Pakistani authorities have launched an investigation after it emerged that a British Pakistani NHS surgeon is suspected of involvement in the massacre at a school in Peshawar on Tuesday.

132 children were murdered by Taliban militants in the attack on the city’s Army Public School in an attack that has caused widespread outrage around the world.

Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence is now reportedly looking into the activities of Mirza Tariq Ali, who fled the UK last year. 

He is reported to have become a senior Pakistani Taliban commander after failing to join Islamic State in Syria. 

Pakistani authorities are currently investigating whether Ali could have been the commander of the six gunmen who opened fire at the school on Tuesday morning.

The Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Pakistani officials believe that several factions of the local Pakistani Taliban organized the siege from the border of neighboring Afghanistan.

Ali is reported to have had links with radical UK cleric Anjem Choudary while he was practicing medicine in the UK.

He is said to have practiced medicine for nine years in East London and Cambridge before fleeing the UK after being accused of violent conduct at a rally in Central London organized by Choudary. liban gunmen, in Peshawar, December He was later arrested in Eastern Europe and deported to Pakistan, where he is reported to have risen quickly through Taliban ranks.

He now operates under the name of Dr Abu Obaidah Al-Islamabadi, and was described by ISI officials as “someone of interest” to the inquiry into the mass attack.

He is known to have appeared in a recruitment video for the Taliban in November, where he urged Pakistanis to stop resisting Sharia Law.

The investigation into Ali comes as Glasgow authorities offered their condolences to siege victims by flying the Pakistan flag at half-mast from the City Chambers on Friday.

Two grand-nephews of Glasgow Southside Central SNP councilor Jahangir Hanif were killed in the massacre.

“The events in Peshawar on Tuesday were truly shocking,” said councilor Sadie Docherty, Glasgow’s Lord Provost. “The number of children involved in the shooting is particularly distressing.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this tragedy, particularly Glasgow’s Pakistani community who make such a significant contribution to our city,” she said.



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