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The jokers return for twice the fun in ‘Double Dhamaal’!

Whilst the LIFF is certain to provide gritty Indian cinema this scorching summer in London, the eternal cynics amongst us will no doubt rejoice at a return to good old fashioned Bollywood escapism with the release of “Double Dhamaal”. The follow up to – you guessed it – ‘Dhamaal’ of 2007, the film reunites comedy kingpins Riteish Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi, Jaaved Jaafrey and Ashish Chowdhry in causing severe haemorrhoids for moody cop Sanjay Dutt.

And the temperature will further rise with the addition to that mix of the terribly underrated vixen Mallika Sherawat and new young beauty – and holder of the most exotic moniker in Bollywood at the moment – Kangna Ranaut.

The movie returns to focus on the four notorious layabouts – ‘Roy’ (Deshmukh), ‘Manav’ (Jaafrey), ‘Adi’ (Warsi) and ‘Boman’ (Chowdrey) – who are still warming their couches and generally being an utter waste of space. Whilst they are busy conjuring up various get-rich-quick schemes without a semblance of plausibility, they run into their old arch enemy ‘Inspector Kabir’ (Dutt) who, in a startling about-turn is the new, bent, king of bling in town, chasing the cash instead of thieves. And of course he’s got the trappings to go with it, including the Merc and the luxe villa. All hell breaks loose when the four day-dreamers decide that they want a piece of the action and try to coerce the good inspector into getting them into the loop.

With some excellent cameos from the likes of Satish Kaushik and an infectious soundtrack from Anand Raj Anand, Double Dhamaal is all set to – without a trace of a doubt – double the fun this summer.

‘Double Dhamaal’ opens in the UK 24th June.



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