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#TheQuestion: ‘Most Romantic Guy in London’ is a British-Indian electrician from Wembley

The ‘most romantic man in London’ has been revealed as a British-Indian electrician from Wembley.

The London Evening Standard tracked down Utpal Kanbia, 23, after his elaborate and thoroughly romantic marriage proposal to girlfriend Meena Rabadia was spotted by a police helicopter. 

On Monday, Mr Kanbia had arranged hundreds of candles spelling out ‘Will you marry me?’ inside Gladstone Park in Dollis Hill, north London.

The proposal was filmed by a Metropolitan Police helicopter returning to base. 

The helicopter crew then tweeted the video to its 96,000 followers, saying: “We think we have just seen the most romantic guy in London.”

The picture quickly went viral on social media forcing the couple to Tweet anonymously that they were now engaged.

In an interview with the Standard’s TV affiliate London Live, Mr Kanbia said that he and Meera had started to get worried when he heard the helicopter overhead.

“I started thinking ‘Are we allowed to do this sort of stuff in a public park?  Are we breaking any laws?’

”But to be honest we had everything covered in that sense. We had a standby fire extinguisher and water bottles in case it did get out of hand.“

Mr Kanbia said that he had enlisted the help of friends for the proposal before taking Meena to the spot where the couple had had their first date some six years ago.

The couple are planning an engagement party in November but haven’t set a date for the big day yet.


Pictures courtesy of London Live/The London Evening Standard



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