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#Timing: Meet the Indian spinal surgeon first on the scene at Harrison Ford crash

Dr Sanjay Khurana, a successful spinal surgeon from LA, was finishing off a round of golf on Thursday at a course in Santa Monica when an old piston-engine aircraft dropped out the sky and crashed on the green adjacent to where he was playing.

Dr Khurana was the first to rush to the crash scene, finding the pilot bleeding from a bad cut on his head. 

When he looked closer, Dr Khurana – a “child of the 80’s” – realized it was none other than Star Wars and Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford.

The 70-year-old Ford, an accomplished pilot, has been hailed a hero after avoiding nearby houses and crash landing his vintage World War 2-era plane on the golf course.

Ford had run into engine trouble soon after leaving a small airport nearby.

The actor was rushed to hospital and a spokesman has confirmed that his injuries are not life-threatening.

The fact that a spinal surgeon was on the course has given the episode a very Hollywood twist to the story.

Dr Khurana and a couple of other golfers helped Ford out of the mangled cockpit, ignoring the danger of a massive fuel leak. 

After hitting a tree, the plane “kind of spun a little bit and belly-flopped” with such force it felt like a small earthquake, Dr Khurana said.

“My initial fear was this was going to be one of those very serious, very tragic injuries right away. Fortunately, he was remarkably intact,” Dr Khurana said.

As the doctor checked Ford’s breathing, circulation and other vital signs, Khurana’s optimism grew.  It was then he realized he was treating the man who brought to life heroic characters of his youth.

“I don’t think I would have ever imagined waking up that morning, that after an early day of surgery, I’d see an airplane crash,” he said.

“It’s a very odd scenario. But I’m glad I could have been of help.”



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