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#TotalBS: Boxing promoter rubbishes Daily Mail “Exclusive” on Khan-Pacquiao fight.


One of the biggest boxing promoters in the US has rubbished reports in the Daily Mail that boxer Amir Khan has lined up Filipino legend Manny Pacquiao for his next bout.

Bob Arum, the man behind Top Rank boxing, denied the “exclusive” published on Tuesday calling it “Total Bulls***!”

Arum told ESPN.com: “I haven’t sent a contract to him.  We haven’t sent anything to him.  Don’t you think I’m the promoter of the fight and I would know if I sent a contract?  It’s total bulls—.   It’s not true.   This is f—ing ridiculous.  There is no deal.  There is no contract.  There has been no decision whatsoever.”

The Daily Mail report said quoted Khan’s father Shah Khan as saying that “paperwork” had been sent off to Arum with “every point covered” and that confirmation that Khan had accepted Pacquiao’s contract had also been sent to Arum.

British-Pakistani Khan, arguably Britain’s finest current boxer, has long coveted a fight with either Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather – the men widely considered two of the greatest fighters ever.

Arum however did say that he will be travelling to the Philippines in the coming weeks to discuss Pacquiao’s next fight which will be his last before he enters politics.

Whilst the promoter will be discussing the possibility of Pacuiao fighting Khan, Arum is thought to favour Terence Crawford, the American boxer voted “fighter of the year” in 2014.

“Top Rank has sent a contract to neither of them,” Arum told ESPN.

“Top Rank will send a contract to one of them when Manny makes his decision on who he wants to fight. Right now, what we are doing is trying to decide between Crawford and Khan for April 9.  But [the reported agreement with Khan] is such bulls—.  I don’t know what Khan said he signed.  Don’t I have the right to draw up a contract with either guy?  I don’t know who Manny wants to fight.”

Arum also said that no one at the Daily Mail had contacted him following Shah Khan’s claims.



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