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#Tragic: Indian bio-chemist killed herself and two daughters after ‘Fall Out’ with in-laws

A British-Indian mother from West London poisoned herself and her two young daughters in a murder-suicide after a “falling out” with her mother-in-law and father-in-law, an inquest heard on Friday.

Heena Solanki, a biochemist, was found dead alongside her daughter Jasmine, 9, and Prisha, 4, at the family home in Ruislip in April 2013. 

She had forced her two girls to down acid before strangling them and taking the acid herself, the inquest at the West London Coroner’s Court heard today. 

Mrs Solanki is believed to have stolen the acid from a lab at the school where she worked as a technician. 

In a statement read out in court, Mrs Solanki’s husband Kalpesh said he had had no intimation of what his wife is going through. 

“Prior to her death I believed that Heena was happy and content”, he said.

“We lived a nice life with our two children.  The only thing that I was aware of that made her unhappy was that we lived with my parents.  This issue got her down at times but it’s the only issue I can think of.”

He added that they had decided to move out but had not yet told his parents.

Mr Solanki added that his wife had not shown signs of depression and had never talked of taking her own life.

The inquest also heard from a friend of Mrs Solanki.

Branali Chambhare said that Mrs Solanki had told her about the problems she was facing with her in-law’s who were a “bit problematic” and also didn’t approve of Mrs Solanki pushing her daughters to work harder on their studies.

Police homicide detectives who were called to the Solanki’s home on 12 April had to be pulled back after being overcome by the fumes from the acid. 

Only firefighters wearing specialist breathing equipment were allowed on the scene, where medicine bottles with residual liquid were found on a bedside table along with a suicide note, the contents of which have not been released. 



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