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#Tragic: Indian student took photos of bear which mauled him to death moments later

An Indian student who was mauled to death by a black bear in a nature reserve in New Jersey, took a series of photographs with his mobile phone just before he was attacked.

The pictures show the 300-pound bear lumbering towards Darsh Patel, 22, moments before he was killed on 21 September.

Rutgers University student Mr Patel and some friends had been hiking in the Apshawa Nature Reserve in north eastern New Jersey when he was attacked in the first fatal attack by a bear in the region.

The images were recovered from Mr Patel’s mobile phone by police and have only now been revealed after a request by a New Jersey media company. 

The bear approaches Darsh Patel and his friends.  As it got closer the group scattered and the bear pursued Mr Patel, eventually mauling him to death.

The young students had been warned by two other hikers that a bear was on the loose inside the reserve and told to turn back.  But the group continued on their trek. 

When the group encountered the bear, they all began taking snaps before turning around and walking away. 

When the animal got to within 15 feet the group reportedly split up and ran in different directions. 

Mr Patel was last seen climbing a rock with the bear close behind.

Emergency rescue teams found Mr Patel’s remains some four hours later with the bear still in the area.  The animal was soon after shot and killed by a police officer.



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