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#VillainOfThePiece: Look who dropped in on Prince Charles.

Britain’s long been a magnate for Bollywood’s location hunters – from idyllic hillsides in Wales through Royal Residences to now, it appears, one of the most famous country houses in Scotland.

That’s all thanks to a very hush-hush meeting between Prince Charles and Bollywood arch-villain Gulshan Grover, according to the Daily Mail.

The heir to the British throne reportedly met the actor last week at the stunning Dumfries House in Ayrshire which was bought by Prince Charles in 2007.  The meeting was as part of Charles’ work with the British Asian Trust.

Grover, 59, said: “It was an honour to be invited.  I was really amazed at the royal estate in Dumfries and requested him to make it available for a Bollywood film. It is a perfect setting, I feel.”

Grover says Charles – who has historically been averse to allow filming of any kind at Royal Residences – has “agreed in principle” to open Dumfries House for a future Bollywood flick, doubtless with Grover in the role of the sneering bad guy, complete with outrageous sunglasses and even more outlandish hair piece.

If nothing else, Grover – the veteran of hundreds of films – will hope that Charles will transfer some of his royal good luck on a career that hasn’t had a hit in a while.

The actor added: “I am hoping to return to (Dumfries House) shoot for a movie, or at least all the dancing song sequence of my new film.”



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