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#Watch: Emotional sister of ‘Jihadi Sid’ appears before Parliamentary committee.


The sister of the British-Indian bouncy-castle salesman turned spokesperson for Islamic State today testified before the most powerful Parliamentary select committee in Britain, defending her brother as a “good man” who was “brainwashed” by the Islamic terror group

Konika Dhar told the Home Affairs Select Committee that Siddhartha – who now goes by the name Abu Rumaysah – had been more vulnerable than the average person when he converted to Islam several years ago.

Siddhartha is widely believed the disguised man in an Islamic State video released earlier this month and where he’s seen threatening Jihad against Britain and the west before executing a number of alleged western “spies”.


Konika Dhar.

A visibly upset Ms Dhar told ministers that she and her family have been struggle to come to terms with the news that her younger brother is now being compared to ‘Jihadi John’, the London-born militant executioner who became the symbol of IS brutality before he was killed in a US drone strike late last year.

She told the Committee: “My opinion will always be biased because he’s my brother – I don’t want to believe he is who he is today and I stand by that.  I still don’t want to associate the activities (of ISIS) with my brother – I know that may be difficult to believe but it’s because he’s my brother.  As far as I’m concerned I grew up with a different person.”

Ms Dhar insisted that her family would not “give up” on Siddhartha and said she wanted him home “as the person I remember”.

Watch her appearance before the Home Affairs Select Committee (the video kicks in after a few minutes):



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