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#Bebstyle: Meet the mom-of-two creating maternity fashion for British Asian moms.


From 10 Downing Street through the Palace of Westminster all the way to the High Street, Britain’s Indian and wider South Asian communities have long been courted and serviced by all segments of British society – from politics to fashion.

But it appears that there is one area where British Asians are not being served.  Just ask Ranjeet Khare.

The mother of two from Woodford Green, northeast London once found herself with an invitation to an Asian wedding, but unable to find a suitable Indian outfit that would fit her heavily pregnant frame.

While the High Street is awash with myriad choices for British women – particularly when it came to stylish evening wear – there was nothing for the young Asian mom-to-be who wanted to dress to impress on a night out or at a glam occasion.

“It’s the 21st century and as far as I can see Brit Asian women have been having babies over here as long as non-Asian females.  So why has the industry that is worth millions only ever focussed on us when we are brides?”, the 41-year-old Ms Khar asked herself.

Then came the Eureka moment.

“I was sick of being the fashion underdog at weddings and functions with my baby bump or nursing routine.  Stores were just not interested in my need for less embellished garments so as not to harm my newborn’s skin,  well fitted maternity clothing that grew with my body and finally clothes that would meet my needs as a breastfeeding mum”.

Inspired by her predicament, Khare set up www.bebstyle.com which now stocks dozens of Indian-inspired designs but made using lycra – from tummy supporting Churidars to high tummy Salwars.

The brand’s aim is to get Asian women out there looking stylish with clothes that meet their practical needs.

“Many women can lack confidence as their bodies change shape; we want to help them overcome that and enjoy this magical period”, Khare says.

Why not have a look at what’s available for you at www.bebstyle.com.