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#CONTRADICT: Anni boasted of 5 TIMES-A-NIGHT sex with “SECRETLY GAY” Shrien Dewani

The murdered wife of Shrien Dewani sent text messages to her cousin boasting that the couple were having sex “five times a night” in messages that could derail South African prosecutors’ contention that Mr Dewani arranged the killing of his new bride to hide the fact that he is secretly gay.

According to a report in the Sunday Mirror, Anni Dewani’s Blackberry phone has only recently been hacked into by investigators, more than three years after Mrs Dewani was killed after the couple’s taxi was hijacked in a township near Cape Town.

Mr Dewani, 34, is accused of arranging for his wife’s murder and was extradited to South Africa last week to face trial.  He has maintained his innocence.

Taxi driver Zola Tongo, who testified that Dewani set up the killing, was jailed along with two gunmen.

South African authorities contend that Mr Dewani is secretly gay and wanted out of the marriage.

But the text, to Mrs Dewani’s cousin Sneha Hindocha, reportedly said: “Last night we had it five times”, to which Ms Hindocha repsonded: “I’ve never had it five times in one night.”

Mrs Dewani’s phone was taken by killer Xolile Mngeni during the carjacking, during which Dewani said he was thrown out of the taxi.

In 2011, Birmingham-based male prostitute Leopold Leisser told police that Mr Dewani had met him frequently for sex sessions even after he had begun his relationship with Sweden-born Anni.

But a source told the Sunday Mirror: “Police have always said the motive for Dewani was he wanted to get out of the marriage without admitting he is gay.

“The fact Anni told her cousin they were having sex regularly severely damages that argument.”

Bristol-based care home owner Mr Dewani has always denied ordering the killing of Anni and that he is gay.  He has also said he has evidence to prove that he was elsewhere on the dates when Leisser says the two men met.

Anni’s father Vinod Hindocha, 64, and Sneha have previously spoken of their misgivings about the relationship even before the couple’s lavish wedding in Mumbai.

Anni’s father told police that she wanted to end the engagement and walked out on her husband-to-be. 

Mr Hindocha said that Anni became convinced that Dewani would change and told her father: “Papa, he’s like a Hitler – but don’t worry – I will get married.”

In the months and weeks before her murder, Anni sent a series of messages to Sneha which suggests that the young bride had concerns about Mr Dewani.

In one message five weeks before the wedding, Anni tells Sneha: “I don’t want to marry him… I’m going to be unhappy for the rest of my life… one cannot even hug him… we have nothing  in common.”

And three days before her death, she messaged Sneha: “I don’t feel happy at all.”

Mr Dewani returns to the Western Cape High Court on 12 May when his trial gets underway.  He is currently being held at the Valkenberg psychiatric hospital in Cape Town.



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