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India’s coronavirus pandemic shines a light on the curse of caste.

Long before the outbreak of COVID-19, a more pernicious form of social distancing was widespread across India: the Hindu caste system. In one form or another, this system – which has existed in the region for over a millennium – has long ensured social segregation based on one’s place in …

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More South Asians in the UK dying from Covid-19 than white people.

People of South Asian origin are most likely to die from the novel coronavirus after being admitted to hospital than white counterparts, according to a major new study involving tens of thousands of patients. The study, to be published in the Lancet medical journal on Friday, found that 350 of …

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Sardani breaks barriers by graduating from West Point.

An Indian-American woman has made history at the West Point Military Academy by becoming the first observant Sikh to graduate from the venerable 218-year-old institution. Anmol Narang, 23 and from Georgia, graduated as a second lieutenant this weekend alongside 1100 other cadets, 230 of whom were women. Lieutenant Narang told …

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