#EXCLUSIVE: “Sardar Singh likes girls from overseas because Indian girls ‘STINK’”.

The UKAsian has been shown photographs that appear to contradict claims made by Sardar Singh, captain of the Indian national Hockey team, that he never had an affair with a British-Indian student who alleges that Singh promised to marry her only to ditch her after she became pregnant with his child.

The photographs that appear on here are merely a small selection from a much larger collection that suggests that Singh – a sporting icon in India – lied to the media during a high-profile press conference called in New Delhi on Wednesday.

The pictures were shown to the UKAsian by Ashpal Bhogal, a 21-year-old student at the prestigious Loughborough University and a gifted hockey player herself.

Earlier this week Ms Bhogal alleged that she had had a passionate affair with Singh after the pair first met at the London Olympics in 2012.  The couple travelled the world, Ms Bhogal claimed, and were on the cusp of getting married.

Things began souring, she claimed, after she fell pregnant with Singh’s child in 2014.  She alleges that Singh pressured her into terminating the pregnancy – initially claiming that a child would be damaging to her hockey career.

However, when she appeared reluctant to abort the child, Singh began threatening her, Ms Bhogal claimed.

She said she feared for her life and in an interview with the UKAsian on Thursday, she claimed to have gone through with the abortion but “had to do everything by myself”.


Ms Bhogal also claimed that Singh had “cheated” on her and had been physically abusive on a number of occasions, including one incident in Brussells when police were called to the hotel where the Indian team were staying as they took part in an international tournament.

She claims that she was forced to drop charges against Singh afer the Indian team management intervened.

Ms Bhogal has shown the UKAsian hundreds of photographs and text messages that appear to contradict Singh’s vehement denials of an affair with her during the press conference on Wednesday.

“We were good friends.  There was no romantic relationship.  I still respect women and I am hurt by the words she used against me”, Singh insisted.

“I know my limits.  I represent my country and a lot of youngster believe in us and admire us.  Hockey comes even before my family for me. I have belief on myself. Whatever the investigation will be”, he added.

Singh also denied claims by Ms Bhogal that he had taken her to her parent’s home in the Punjab and became engaged to her.

Ms Bhogal showed the UKAsian the jewellery – including a glittering diamond engagement ring – that he is said to have presented her on the couple’s engagement.

There were also reams of photographs of Ms Bhogal posing with members of Singh’s extended family.

Many of the pictures seen by the UKAsian however, are too intimate and personal for public consumption and suggest that the relationship between Ms Bhogal and Singh was much more than merely platonic.

Ms Bhogal said she intends to use the photographs as evidence as she files a sexual harrassment case against Singh in India.

“We were totally in love and I can’t believe what has happened”, she said.

“But I’m not suprised that a man who can treat me so callously can find it so easy to lie to the whole world.”

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