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#IAmAnImmigrant: Campaign launched to fight growing tide of Xenophobia in Britain

A group of prominent activist groups have come together to launch a new campaign aimed at fighting xenophobia in Britain.

The Movement Against Xenophobia (MAX) is currently raising funds for a poster campaign which celebrates the contribution of immigrants to British society.

Titled ‘I am an immigrant’, the posters will feature real migrants from across the social spectrum.  Organizers are aiming to raise £44,000 to place the posters on billboards across London as well as at Underground stations in the capital.

The posters feature everyone from a cleaner through Tube drivers to brain surgeons and are aimed at fighting the growing anti-immigration rhetoric fed by the likes of the UK Independence Party as well as the coalition’s immigration policies.  

MAX has launched a crowd-funding initiative to raise the money and has thus far collected £15,000.

“The poster campaign is a response to the increased anti-immigration rhetoric occurring in politics and the need to shed positive light on immigrants and the social, economic and cultural prosperity they bring to the nation,” MAX explains.

“It … aims to rid the dialogue on immigration policy of racism and discrimination.  With the 2015 General Election, the language and the rhetoric will only get worse.”

The campaign is backed by more than one hundred British organizations, including the Green Party, the Indian Workers Association, the Black Minority Ethnic Community Organizations Network, the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights, the Desmond Tutu Foundation, Exiled Writers Ink, and the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants.




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