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Leftover fruit for radiant skin

Skin specialists and environmental enthusiasts have come-up with an amazing way of making your skin look clearer and radiant by using leftover fruits! Leftovers from fruits in the form of squeezed pulp or skins are usually wasted. A limited application of these items from a recycling perspective is their use in making compost, i.e. a green, chemical-free fertilizer. Now, it has been established that leftovers from fruits are rich in enzymes that provide a host of skin-related benefits.



Using Leftover Bananas for Radiant Skin

Leftover skins of bananas might look ugly with their rotten appearance but these are great for increasing your skin’s radiance. Banana skins contain an appreciable amount of vitamin A, B & E—most vital among skin vitamins. Vitamin E is crucial for keeping the skin moisturized and taut. Just put the fruit skins in a blender, grinding them to a paste. This can be applied to the face and then rinsed-off after 20 minutes.



Using Leftover Lemon for Softer, Moisturized Skin

Lemon contains one of the purest forms of vitamin C. Its citrus properties make it an excellent aid for reducing skin dryness. If lemon skin/pulp is applied to the hair, it helps to keep the scalp dandruff-free. Lemon enzymes tend to gnaw upon flaky dandruff apart from reducing secretions found among greasy, oily scalps. Lemon leftover is also rich in vitamins A & B.



Using Leftover Papaya for Rejuvenated Skin

Papaya extracts are commonly found in skin scrubbers. This underlines the use of papaya for improving the skin’s texture. Papaya provides an effective cleansing action. It contains a typical kind of enzyme called Papain which is used in cosmetic skin treatments. This enzyme feeds upon the outermost, blemished and pigmented part of the skin. A few, regular applications of papaya leftovers is perhaps the most affordable solution to erase blemishes sustained from acne apart from rejuvenating the skin, rendering it an unmistakable glow.



Storing fruit leftovers that have been smashed to a pulp is rather easy. You can pour them in small containers and place them in the fridge. You can add some orange and garlic leftovers for raising their longevity.

 Why fruity leftovers work wonder for your skin?

Enzymes are the main biological units in our cells, responsible for catalysing many cellular activities. Their action regulates how older cells are discarded and new ones are regenerated and how tissues nourish themselves. This is why doctors recommend eating more fruits as they work towards improving our overall health.

When applied directly to skin, action of these enzymes is more concentrated on the outermost part of the skin, helping it to discard the hardened cells and allowing the underlying, fresher-looking layer of skin to emerge. Many skin treatments (like Dermabrasion) have a similar effect but they are associated with some side-effects. However, natural enzymatic activity of fruits is absolutely safe!

The biggest advantages of these natural facial skin remedies include their easy availability, greater affordability as compared to artificial treatments and the promise of safety.