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#Misogynist: This prejudiced Indian male journalist just lost the plot interviewing Sunny Leone.

Indo canadia porn star Sunny Leone in Balaji Films Ragini MMS 2

Stunning Sunny Leone is widely considered one of the hardest-working professionals in Bollywood.

The Canadian-born beauty broke into the business after appearing in the Indian version of Bigg Boss in 2011 after enjoying a hugely successful career in the adult entertainment industry in North America.

She’s had a phenomenal time in Bollywood and in regional cinema – working with some of the biggest filmmakers in the business – despite some people’s bizarre “discomfiture” about her parallel career in adult cinema – one, incidentally, she is immensely proud of.

The latest to join the bizarre ranks it appears is a “veteran” journalist from CNN-IBN.

Leone, 34, appeared on the channel for an interview with Bhupendra Chaubey on the show ‘The Hot Seat’ this weekend to promote her new film ‘Mastizaade’.

But it appears that Mr Chaubey got hot under the collar as he proceeded to bombard the actress with questions about her “past” – repeatedly referring to how it would “limit” her work in Bollywood and inquiring whether it is an “inhibition” for her.

Leone, the consummate professional, held her own calmly responding about how she avoided letting “other people’s inhibitions” get in the way of her success.


Bhupendra Chaubey.

However, Chaubey continued, convinced that the best way to boost his ratings was by laying bare his own prejudices and misogyny.

At one point during the 30-minute clip, Chaubey is aghast that Leone didn’t “regret” her career in the adult business.  Shock horror.
Chaubey was so mortified that he appeared to find it difficult to utter the word “porn”.

Most outrageously of all, Chaubey then posed this question: “There are some who believe that if Sunny Leone is becoming a brand ambassador of sorts of this new India, then it is a very dangerous trend to have.  There are many housewives, there are many Indian married women who look at Sunny Leone as a threat to their husbands.  They believe their husbands are all going to be taken away by Sunny Leone?”

To which Leone calmly replied: “Sorry, I don’t want your husbands at all. I have my own, I love him, and he is hot and sexy.  He is very smart and very talented.  Sorry, ladies.”

It appeared that Chaubey wanted to hear these words from Leone: “I regret my past”.  But she wouldn’t bite.

Soon after, the cringeworthy Chaubey was widely attacked on Social Media, not least by several leading lights of the film fraternity who accused him of bias and prejudice.

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor labelled it a “very rude and unfair” interview; Ali Bhatt called Chaubey “ridiculous”; Gaurav Kapur accused Chaubey of holding a “dodgy agenda”; Shruti Hasan described it all as “mortifying journalism”; Vir Das meanwhile said: “Here’s hoping Mr Chaubey’ next interview explores something other than his own prejudice”.

Above all, thousands of Twitter users praised Leone for her “poise” and “grace”.

One simply said: “Sunny you’re a rockstar!”

Watch a part of the interview here:



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