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‘Nehru Jacket’: Time’s ‘Global Fashion list (2)

‘Nehru Jacket’ on Time’s ‘Global Fashion Statement’ list

The stylish “Nehru jacket” – popularized by India’s first Prime Minister – has been named one of the top 10 global fashion statements by Time magazine.  

Usually considered court dress for Indian nobility, the jacket comes from the northern Indian ‘Ahkan’, a closed neck, coatlike garment.
The Nehru jacket comes 7th on the list which also includes Cuban leader Fidel Castro’s tracksuit and the safari suit worn by former Chinese leader Mao Zedong.

The list also features the trouser suits preferred by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the chic glasses sported by former US presidential candidate Sarah Palin.  

“It was when the jacket was marketed to Western audiences that it took the ‘Nehru’ title, the charismatic prime minister having popularised its style in public appearances during his tenure in government,” the magazine said.

It said Nehru was not the only prominent figure associated with it.
“The minimalist aesthetic of the jacket inspired the likes of the Beatles (who wore the style at their Shea Stadium performance) as well as Sammy Davis Jr, who claimed to own more than 200 of the jackets.”

–    Vijitha Alles