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Shahidul Alam made a National Geographic Society Explorer at Large

The acclaimed Bangladeshi photojournalist and rights activist Shahidul Alam has been made a National Geographic Explorer at Large by the National Geographic Society, the world’s largest and best known non-profit scientific and educational organizations. Explorers receive an annual stipend and additional grants from the Society to continue their work in …

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How to improve vaccine uptake among ethnic minorities

COVID vaccines protect people from severe illness and death, but in the UK, they’re not doing so evenly. While overall uptake of COVID vaccines in Britain is high, it isn’t uniform across all ethnic groups. At the beginning of December, 90% of all white people aged 50-54 had been vaccinated …

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Biden nominates Bangladeshi-American Muslim woman to federal bench in historic first

A civil rights lawyer is on the verge of becoming the first Bangladeshi American and just the second Muslim to ever serve as a federal judge after US President Joe Biden on Wednesday nominated her for the Eastern District of New York. If confirmed Nusrat Choudhury would also become the …

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