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Plant based bags and Edible Spoons India’s efforts towards saving the environment


Plant based bags and Edible Spoons: India’s efforts towards saving the environment

Nothing good comes out of plastic bags, really. They are toxic and are completely non-recyclable

However, there is no easy alternative to them either. Ever since they were banned in many cities of India, people have found it quite difficult to carry household items in their hands.

Now as a solution to this crisis, we have a product which surpasses all expectations!

Envigreen, a company founded by Ashwath Hedge, is producing 100% eco-friendly and bio-degradable bags.

In Ashwath’s own words – “Not everyone can afford a plastic bag costing Rs 5 for every item they buy. This is why I decided to come up with alternatives”.

So how are these Envigreen bags?

1) First of all, they aren’t even made up of plastic. They are made from materials like vegetable oil, starch, corn, potato, tapioca and even banana!

2) Secondly, although they are made up of so many different ingredients, these bags look exactly like plastic bags. They dissolve within 15 seconds if placed in a bowl of boiling water! The process takes a day if they are placed in normal water. If they are discarded, then these bags take a total of 6 months to degrade naturally.

3) Thirdly, these bags have been tested by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) for trace of plastic and have come out completely clean. They have also been tested by the Sriram Institute for Industrial Research (New Delhi) and the Central Institute of Plastic Engineering. (Chennai)


4) Fourthly, these bags are completely safe for animals even if they are ingested. Plastic bags are notorious for killing cows in India.

5) Finally, Envigreen bags are only available at Abu Dhabi and Qatar as for now. The company has tied up with Indian retail stores like Reliance and Metro, which will start using these bags from the month of December.

On the same tone of saving the environment from harmful plastics, another Indian company has come up with something even more innovative!
A Hyderabad based company knows as Bakey’s has introduced spoons which can be eaten. It is pretty much like eating the cone after you finish your ice-cream.


Plastic cutleries are not only harmful to the environment but they can be harmful to your food as well. Carcinogenic and neuro-toxic chemicals from plastic cutlery have been known to leech inside food items. Even “food grade cutlery” is known to leech inside the food we eat.

The “edible spoons” made by Bakey’s are completely derived from plants and are safe for consumption. Made from a base of “jowar” or “sorghum”, these edible spoons also include water, rice and wheat as other ingredients.

What is more?

The taste of the spoons can be customized according to the preferences of the customer.

These natural spoons are available in following categories:

• Savoury spoons (Made from cumin, black pepper and cumin)

• Sweet spoons

• Plain spoons

A set of 100 spoons come at a cost of about $4.5
With innovations like these, India is surely taking firm steps towards saving the environment.