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#Agreement: Tory and Labour messages converge as Miliband visits Swamy Narayan Temple

The Conservatives and Labour agree on precious little these days.

However, this weekend has shown that the two big parties can agree on one thing – acknowledging the fact that Britain’s ethnic minority communities remain severely under-represented in most spheres of British life.

A day after Prime Minister David Cameron admitted that more needed to be done in the battle to ensure that British institutions represented the country’s diversity, his opposite number Ed Miliband waded into the argument, appearing at the Shri Swami Narayan temple in North London clutching a hymn sheet startlingly similar to the one used by Mr Cameron.

Quite apart from the hymn sheet, Mr Miliband also brought along the heavy artillery: the temple’s magnificent innards packed with Labour’s British Asian 155mm guns, including Keith Vaz, Virendra Sharma, Sadiq Khan, Seema Malhotra, Uma Kumaran, Sadiq Khan and Tulip Siddiq among others.

Despite the surfeit of ethnic minority talent, Mr Miliband admitted that representation of minorities – especially in Parliament – remained a “challenge” and called for a “truly representative set of representatives” to serve Britain.

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