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TheUKAsian Review – ‘Kaabil’ is a half-baked revenge thriller.

Kaabil begins with a sweet, romantic track between Rohan Bhatnagar, (played by Hrithik Roshan) – a blind dubbing artist gifted enough to imitate anyone’s voice – and Supriya (Yami Gautam) – a pianist at a dancing school.

They fall in love and marry, but soon, their world turns upside down, when Supriya is raped and left for dead by a group of politically-connected thugs from the area.

The movie highlights the sense of entitlement boys from rich, and politically connected families feel in the Indian setting and how they think they are above the law.

It also shows the nexus between the police and politicians, thus making it not only hard but impossible to register a rape case or any other case against people with the right connections.

The storyline and subject are extremely intense and drawn from real life.

The first half, which is essentially a love story fails to tug at the heartstrings, despite the fact that one should feel a natural empathy towards people with handicaps.

This is perhaps because the central duo of Hrithik and Yami struggle to bring the character of blind people convincingly on to the screen.

Supriya’s perfect make-up and blow dried hair make one question the credibility of the character, not to mention the fact that the hero – regressively – begs her to wear stilettos and roam around in the movie knowing fully well that she can’t see.

The story would have been more believable if it was not glossed over especially given that the heroine is so beautiful that she needs no make-up.

But there is no need to lose all hope.

The second half sees much better performances with Hrithik as the avenging husband and crisper editing.  The way he goes about plotting the revenge  is clearly unique and compelling.

It does keep you on the edge of your seat as it unravels.

Although, it has been compared to a Korean movie ‘Broken’ and the Netflix series ‘Daredevil’, this is new to Indian cinema.

Hrithik outperforms himself in the action sequences but did not appeal in the romantic scenes because he’s given to overacting.

One wishes that he got under the skin of the character, instead of being himself, at times.

Ronit Roy (who plays the politician Madhavrao Shellar) and his brother Rohit Roy do a passable impression of the baddies but Bollywood has seen stronger villains.

And as the audience, you tend to condone all acts of the protagonist of seeking revenge for his sweetheart, due to an inefficient and corrupt law and order system in society.

The music was underwhelming except the yesteryears remix song ‘Saara Zamana’ performed by Urvashi Rautela.  The song ‘Mon Amour’ is choreographed with the usual signature Hrithik steps and looked a bit ludicrous in the wider context of the film.

Kaabil is a violent revenge drama with quite a few disturbing scenes which could leave you squirming.

However, one can only hope that the underlying message of the movie brings about a social change in the political system and more sensitivity to such issues in society.



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